Due to the need to standardise training given to the individuals working in the Oil and Gas industry, OPAL took the responsibility to help standardize training through wide activities involving Occupational Standard center (MOMP), international Bodies, training providers and beneficiaries from the training to come up with a unified agreement on the best way of delivering training for our industry.

This is part of a wider reform the Ministry of Oil and Gas is undertaking to increase the standardisation and transferability of training in the Oman Oil and Gas Industry, which will improve the benefit of funded training to employers and individuals. This will enable OPAL to direct funding on the training areas of most impact and importance to the Oil and Gas industry and reduce wasted effort and spend on duplicated training of the employee.

OPAL working in collaboration with the Oil & Gas Sector Skill Unit (SSU) to develop National Occupational Standards. This will help to provide Training Standards, for many categories of training carried out in the Oil and Gas industry which will create a benchmark for Training Providers when it comes to design training programs.