OPAL Local Workforce Development and Human Resources Development training scheme gives priority to employers needs and focuses on targeted training, which aims to enhance competence and work ethics. Employment is being the objective and training is the enabler. OPAL has several training types in developing workforce like Training for Development and Training for Employment.

Training for Employment (TFE) programs are dedicated scheme that contributes to promote and support Omanisation through addressing the need of basic skills for school leavers and graduates to secure suitable employment opportunities with good prospects in the private sector. OPAL has attained success and earned credibility with the Government of Oman and the Oil and Gas sector and has secured employment for over 10,000 Omanis since its inception, with the goal of continuing to support Omanization through apprenticeship programs, on the Job training and customised programs.

Training for Development (TFD) programmes dedicated towards improvement of Human Resources Professional. However, the OPAL TFD Programme contribute towards to raising the bar of the professional of all functions and skills across the oil & gas industry. TFD includes specialized programs, Workshops and Seminars on diverse relevant topics and aims at enriching human capabilities for both employees and Job Seekers.